The Broken Brain
Bonding with your Children and Parenting

Mike Fitch presents the monthly CEU credit for Aspire, a group of therapy professionals. He talks about obstacles and strategies for bonding effectively with children. Mike has over 15 years of clinical practice, and is a former supervisor and in-home family therapist for the Utah Department of Child Protection. He is also a frequent co-host on our very own podcast! 

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Build upon Strengths to improve your life

We meet as a Broken Brain Gang to discuss Strengths Based therapy, where the clinician helps the individual to use their strengths to compensate for weaker areas, presenting problems, and mental illness. 

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Resistance to Healing or Treatment

A CEU training for the Aspire Group, by your very own host and psychotherapist Dwight Hurst! I discuss possible causes and context for resistance to treatment, how clinicians can help or hurt with that process, and ways for patients and therapists to overcome these obstacles. 

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Fear of Abandonement Article Review
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Superhero Psychology
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Short Story Contest: Amygdala
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