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Rerun of A Sober Holiday

This is a rerun episode from last year's holiday season. Super special guest Shira Goldberg, host of The Addiction Show on YouTube came on to discuss tips for remaining sober in the holidays. 

Rerunning this for the 2016 holiday, it's been a rough year, but if staying sober is your goal, please please please stay sober this year. Be safe and don't drink, drug, or drive. 

Well, you can drive if you don't drink or drug....I guess. 

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Revill in Christmas Specials

Chris Revill is a swell person, and swell people love Christmas Specials. Sometimes cheesy, often silly, these wonderful moments of holiday recognition have stayed in our hearts and brains, sometimes for decade after decade. Why? That's what we want to figure out. That, and to go on and on about our favorites. 

This is one of the three Holiday specials The Broken Brain is offering this year, like three gifts from three wisemen, I found three wise guys to host with me. Enjoy. Thanks for listening in 2016, and I hope you have a very Happy Holiday Season.  

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Is the Family Man a Christmas movie?

Mike Denniston comes around again this Christmastime to wish us a very Merry time watching The Family Man, starring his hero Nicholas Cage. We take some time to remember this old classic, and kind of realize we don't like it as much as we thought we did. Merry Christmas everyone. 

This is one of the three Holiday specials The Broken Brain is offering this year, like three gifts from three wisemen, I found three wise guys to host with me. Enjoy. Thanks for listening in 2016, and I hope you have a very Happy Holiday Season.  

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Holidays and Family Relationships

Lee and Dwight are responding to a listener request this week! We are discussing the holidays and the tricky dynamics that come up with family. We talk about response plans for assertive, passive-aggressive, and just downright aggressive family members. We mention coping skills, some involving Adele, and how to respond to that rascal Uncle Bob. 

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Grief, Loss & "Return To Me"

Returning champion guest Michael Denniston from the War Machine vs War Horse Podcast returns to help me analyze the 2000 film Return to Me, and discuss what it demonstrates about coping with grief and change in life. Mike and I get drippy about romance, loss, dogs, and old men filled with passion in this under-appreciated rom-com about loss, love, and organ donation. 


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Ecosexuality with Jennifer Reed

Ecosexuality? What's that? 

Ecosexuality is the study of sexuality and ecology, of course. A fascinating type of synergy, pioonered by researchers, activists, and artists, Ecosexuality is an approach to inclusion, environmentalism, and a different way to appreciate the world. Pioneers in this field include Stefanie Weiss, author of Eco-Sex: Go Green Between the Sheets, and Elizabeth Stephens & Annie Sprinkle, who you can find at

My guest today is Jennifer Reed, PhD candidate for Sociology at UNLV. She has been studying this fascinating field and is currently writing her dissertaion on this subject. She was kind enough to join me and explain what Ecosexuality is and how it impacts Sociology, Culture, and the way we interact with the Earth. Follow her on Twitter @sociojen. 

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Psychological Use of Gratitude

Gratitude is good for you! What better time to talk about this again than the USA Thanksgiving, which happens this week. And what better CoHost for this topic than the honey-drippingly sweet Guru of Gratitude himself, David Hart from the Pop Culture Case Study Podcast?

We discuss the use of purposeful gratitude, going deeper than meme culture positivity, the application of Acceptance, and much more! Sit around our virtual Thanksgiving table and pass the virtual potatoes, won't you?  

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Polyvagal Trauma Theory, pioneered by Stephen Porges, is a powerful approach to trauma recovery that takes into account ways that the body stores traumatic emotional experiences. 

Brittany Varney, Stacy McKenzie, and Kristal James join us today to conduct a training on this theory and how it applies to trauma recovery. 

This episode is a CEU training for the Aspire Group Therapy Practice in Northern Utah. 

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Election Day & Relationships with Kelsey Nimbly

YouTube Phenom Kelsey Nimbly rejoins the show to help me discuss some of the psychology behind why we done be hatin' on each other all election long. We also discuss Tribalism, One-Shot Learning, and Confirmation Bias, and how to repair election-traumatized relationships. 

Happy Election Day America! Whoever wins, let's try to play nice!

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Drug Overdose with Jamelia Hand

Jamelia Hand returns to the Broken Brain to discuss the dynamic of drug overdose and how this plays a role in recovery, especially for Opiate and Heroin addiction. We discuss things like Harm Reduction, Treatment beyond quitting, dangers of overdose, and the use of the label of "addict," amongst other things.  


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