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Blaine Hickman, LCSW, trains the Aspire group on individual and family therapy with LGBTQ individuals who struggle with either personal, family, or societal pressure related to issues of religious belief. Blaine is a specialist in the area of Depression & Anxiety related to faith crisis, religious intolerance, or personal rejection and shame related to sexual orientation, particularly with the LDS (Mormon) population. You can read his blog at

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David Hart, PhD candidate, researcher, and podcaster joins us to talk about modern trends in addiction research. David is a teacher, psychology student, researcher, and the creator and host of the Pop Culture Case Study Podcast. Join us for a great rollicking good time, which is also our secret bonus addiction themed episode for January!

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Jamelia Hand is an expert in addiction, particularly in the medication assisted treatment of addiction. You may not be aware, but there is a debate ranging hard and fast in the world of addiction about whether or not medication can (or should) be used to help wean away from chronic substance abuse. Jamelia was kind enough to talk with us and give us her take on the subject. This is the first episode in January, so therefore it is our monthly Addiction themed episode. 

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