The Broken Brain
Chris Revill & the Lumosity Scandal

Chris Revill of the Let's Chat with Revill and Friends Podcast returns to the show to vent and talk about the scandal that recently affected Brain Training giant Lumosity. 

We use this as a springboard to chat about pop neurology, brain training, our mutual dislike of positive affirmations, cure-alls in mental health, feeling your feelings, and of course (with us) an overdose of tangents and pop culture references...although I think we avoid any super hero references this time...

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Female Boxers Shut Down Men's Rights D-Bags

I give my take on a news story from last week all about a certain MRA website's jackass founder proposing pro-rape rallies across the world, and a certain Savoy Howe of the Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club using her brilliance and courage to fight back. Originally I came across this story on from writer Jessica Roy, and you should read her stuff. 

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Narcissism is a chronic and damaging form of self obsession. Ranked as one of the Personality or Trait Disorders by the DSM 5, NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder is an ongoing unhealthy survival strategies for life. Even though it can lead to obnoxious, self destructive, or even dangerous behavior.

Far from the psychological death sentence that many people think it is, PD is subject to treatment and success, especially if the individual has awareness of their condition.

Mike, Lee, and Dwight discuss these things and more on today's episode of The Broken Brain!

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Confidence vs Self-Doubt in Avengers: Age of Ultron

In the film Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, the characters are mostly superheroes who have magical, technological, or otherwise comic book enhanced powers. Despite this the main characters frequently refer to themselves as "monsters," throughout the story. 

We use this film as a backdrop to talk about self confidence and its relationship to self doubt. We all ride this balance constantly, and the direction we lean can determine our day-to-day choices. 

Michael Denniston from the War Machine vs War Horse to add some narrative, storytelling, and movie expertise to the discussion. 

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Ask a Therapist 4: Questions about PTSD, Mental Health Stigma, & Favorite Clients

Answering listener questions with Lee Messersmith. We tackle your questions about PTSD, why some are more prone to it than others, how to handle people who think that Mental Health Diagnosis are fake, and (GULP) whether or not we have favorite clients.

Want to hear your questions answered on the show? We do this whenever we have enough questions, so send them to us on Twitter @breakabrain or email me directly at 

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