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Clay Cockrell of the Online Counseling Podcast and Walk and Talk Therapy return to our show to discuss his new search database for online therapists. In creating this new service and hosting his own podcast Clay has done a TON of research into Online Psychotherapy, the newer type of telehealth in the mental health industry.

Clay is the founder of Walk and Talk practice, a form of outdoor counseling he practices in Central Park, NY. He is also a pioneer in the field of online counseling. He is offering a discount for therapists who are listeners of The Broken Brain Podcast and wish to list themselves in his Online Therapist Database. Give this episode a listen for the special sale code. 

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Arianna Jeret, relationship expert, frequent guest and friend of the show, returns to discuss the idea of "rebuilding," a life following divorce. We discuss whether or not the concept of rebuilding is accurate or helpful, the components to emotional pain following a break up, flexibility vs rigidity in communication, and many other parts of relationships, marriage, and divorce. 

Follow Ariana on YourTango or The Good Men Project! 

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Self-Confidence: Clinical Considerations

We have been focusedon self confidence a LOT lately on the Broken Brain, and I found this recording of Mike Fitch and I discussing the clinical elements of confidence, what role it plays, and how mental illness can impact it. 

We discuss the differences between self-esteem, self-worth, and other forms of self-lovin' (self-loving for oyu search engines out there).

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Talking to Candice at Namaste Center for Healing, we were planning to do some nonsense throw away discussion about another topic, but we landed on talking about treatment for individuals with sexual offenses, pedophiliac desires, and compulsive sexual thoughts. 

Candice operates a preventative treatment program for those with invasive, unwanted sexual desires towards children. This is a difficult and controversial topic within the world of treatment, so give us a listen as we take a stab at it. 

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy addresses increasing emotional stability, and the PLEASE skill is a viable part of increasing yours! This podcast mini episode comes from the audio to the YouTube Video on The BrokenBrain Podcast channel on YouTube. 

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Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day! Check out Google's video about living our dreams and empowering women all over the world. Listeners to the Broken Brain will be familiar with my ideal for equal rights for all people and my feminist philosophy, but I wanted to spend a few minutes plugging this international empowerment day and to encourage you to spend at least some time today reading tweets under the hashtag: #somedayiwill on Twitter. 


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Ana-Maria Leonte of Star Wars The Force Awakens talking Confidence

I am privileged this episode to have been able to have a conversation with Ana-Maria Leonte, who plays Dasha Promenti in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ana-Maria talks about this role and her life as an actress, model, and tech expert. She also discusses her passion for advocacy and humanitarianism, working with charities dedicated to equality and world peace, such as Generation Success and Peace One Day.

If you are anything like me you will find her own story as compelling as any part of the new Star Wars movie. Make sure to check out Generation Success for their event on March 8th. 

Big thanks to Chris Revill of the Lets Chat with Revill and Friends Podcast for helping me to get into contact with Ana-Maria Leonte, and of course super-Star-Wars-Expanded-Universe sized thanks to Ms. Leonte for the generous contribution of her time to speak with me today. 

Ana-Maria Leonte

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