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Electro Convulsive Therapy or ECT is an important last resort in the treatment of treatment resistant depression. Mike and Dwight had the chance to sit down with the head physician over the ECT department of the University of Utah Hospital. We discuss stigma, other treatment options, side effects, and the complicated nature of this major psychiatric intervention. 

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Physical Restraints in Inpatient & Residential Treatment

Lee Messersmith and I discuss the dynamics of restraint in clinical settings, a weird element of intensive psychiatric care. Rerun from a few years ago. 

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Confident Children & Conflict

Rerun of my episode about the African social service organization "Confident Children Out of Conflict," an important organization helping children. I interview Caitlin Cockroft, their publicity and social media director. Go to their website and make a donation today!


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Self Care by Janet Mitchell

A Rerun of one of our most popular training episodes:

Another wonderful training at Aspire for Continuing Education Units (CEU) to help all of us counselors keep our licenses. This one is by Licensed Clinical Social Worker Janet Mitchell. 

Janet is an expert in the area of Self Care, which is defined as the ability to increase, improve, and maintain mental health through a healthy lifestyle. More than just a reminder to exercise and eat right, Janet has created some tools and techniques to help us to identify which areas of our life will increase our ability to zone into a meditative or mindful place of health. 

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A Broken Brain Classic Rerun! Our Good Buddy Candice Christiansen (owner and Clinical Director of Namaste Center for Healing) joins us to talk trauma, addiction, recovery, and healing. We discuss EDMR, Cognitive Therapy, Exposure, and BOTH of our dogs. 

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Infant Psychology

Psychological studies show that infants have a much deeper and more rich mental life than we have previously believed. As a new father (for the third time) I want to know what my infant daughter is up to, and this interview with Dr. Annette Henderson, a Developmental and Research Psychologist who studies infants at Auckland University, and taught me that she is up to a lot!

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Steve McDonald Mindful Coloring

Illustrator Steve McDonald is the creator of the coloring books Fantastic Cities and Fantastic Structures. These books are designed particularly for adults, as an exercise in mindfulness and anxiety reduction.

Complex coloring is a therapeutic tool that many therapists and individuals are using to increase relaxation and present focused thinking. They are also a fun way to engage with art, especially for those of us who don't always draw that well on our own. Plus, Steve is a fantastic and interesting person. Enjoy our discussion.  

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Trauma Narratives

My interview from a couple years back with Dr. Ron Llewellyn, psychologist and trauma recovery expert. A good friend, college professor, expert clinician and author. Enjoy Ron's interview and then click over to see him speak on Trauma Recovery on this YOUTUBE VIDEO.

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Walk & Talk Therapy with Clay Cockrell

Clay Cockrell is the founder of, and a psychotherapist in practice in New York City. Clay often takes his clients walking in Central Park during their sessions, combining the relaxing mindful pace of a walk in the park with the healing process of therapy. 

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Trauma & Resilience with Rebecca Dempster

My interview with Dr. Rebecca Dempster, psychologist and trauma expert. Through her services at Resilio (click HERE to view her site) she specializes in working with agencies serving third world and developing nations. 

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Rerun of my interview with Chris about the scandal Luminosity got itself into a couple years back by making outlandish claims about brain health. 

Be sure to tune in for new Broken Brain episodes next month!

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A rerun of my interview with Actress and (credited extra in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens) Ana Maria Leonte. 

Stay tuned for brand new episodes of The Broken Brain Podcast next month!

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A rerun of my interview with Buck Black, the therapist who specializes in therapy for Truckers. 

New Episodes of the Broken Brain are coming soon, along with some special projects. Thanks for listening to these classic episode this month. 

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ALERT: This EPISODE had an AUDIO GLITCH, which should now be REPAIRED! SORRY if oyu tried to hear it ealrier and it did not work. 

Non Wels, friend of the show, confirmed joymonger, and cohost of The Joy Sandwich Podcast, joins me to tell a story. Non is a storyteller by nature, as an accomplished writer and content creator, but this time he is telling his own story. 

Working on creating a narrative of his own experience with control addictive patterns, compulsion, anxiety, and eating disorder, and kind enough to share with us? Sounds kind, creative, and courageous. In other words it sounds like Non. 

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Dr. Daniel Jolley joins me to discuss his groundbreaking research in the area of Conspiracy Theories. Dr. Jolley is a Psychologist, faculty at Staffordshire University, who studies the psychological dynamic of being drawn to theories of conspiracy. Daniel talks about the reason why some of us are more likely to have conspiratorial suspicions, the consequences of this type of thinking, and how to respond to it. 

Follow Daniel @DrDanielJolley on twitter, and check out his super cool website at

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Nick Hobson is a Psychologist who studies Ritual. This is an often misunderstood and difficult to measure psychological trait in human beings to benefit or suffer according to our day to day repetitive behavior. Do these things comfort us or harm us, and why do we do them? Nick's research indicates a definite trend to ritualize our actions, and tendencies to bond and hate based upon them. 

Check out his YouTube video introducing his research, and follow him on Twitter @nickmhobson

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Karly Beaumont, head of the Core Temp Arts Network of podcasts, podcaster, and pop culture expert, joins me to discuss the dynamics of relationship repair that are presented in the quirky and highly metaphorical movie "The One I Love."  

This film depicts a live action visualization of the different parts of our personalities in the process of repairing damaged relationships, and asking ourselves questions about the survivability of love. 

Follow Karly on Twitter @karlyvision, or check out her podcast work on the shows "Talking Shondaland," "That Pop This Life," and "TV Ate My Brain." 

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Karson is a long time friend and first rate therapist. This recording is him teaching a group of us therapist-types about the importance, complications, ethics, and dynamic of confidentiality between child and their therapist. 
This episode is a CEU training given to the Aspire Network of therapists. 


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Andrew, from AB Film Review and the Last New Wave Podcasts, joins me to talk about the social and psychological implications of the introduction of a new gaming system. This is NOT a review of the Nintendo Switch, it IS Andrew and I talking about the effects that the presence of gaming have had upon us personally and culture in general. 

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Part 2 of my discussion with Mariano & Allegra is here! Avid podcasters and pop culture commentators, they share with me their experience and observations about the existence and psychological impact of racial privilege, and why it is often so hard to discuss.

Tune in for the next exciting episode of The Broken Brain, and catch Allegra & Mariano on Core Temp Art's official TV commentary show: TV Ate My Brain. 

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Dave Hart, host of the Pop Culture Case Study Podcast, returns to The Broken Brain to help me talk about the way that mental health diagnosis are presented in movies. With the new M Night Shyamalan picture "Split," I have had a few requests to address this. This episode is one of those. We talk about depictions of therapy, DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder), and the fact that almost all mental health disorders make someone much much LESS likely to be dangerous than the rest of the population. 

Dave and I are of course pictured in the image of this episode, pondering movies and mental health. 

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Kathleen returns to help me talk about how to support your loved ones with traumatic experiences. We discuss the  are the important Do's and Dont's of working with family and friends with a history of trauma, abuse, or PTSD.

Be sure to listen to Kathleen's wonderful Podcast On The Blue Couch for talk about trauma, psychology, The Walking Dead, and much more!

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Kevin Byrd: DBT Therapist

Kevin Byrd is a specialist in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. He runs a DBT program in Carmel, Indiana. He joined me to talk about his background in therapy, working with symptoms of high emotionality, stigma regarding Personality Disorders, and finding hope in the face of serious mental illness. 

Check out his website at 

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Rams & Family Estrangement

Mike returns to talk more about relationships, particularly those colored by estrangement and difficult problems. To do this, we use the Icelandic film "Rams," from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, available on Netflix. 

As always, our cover art is up for guesses, which one of these gentlemen is Dwight, and which is Mike?

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Racism & Privilege Part 1

Mariano & Allegra, fellow Core Temp Podcasters on the CTA network, join me to discuss the dynamics of racism and privilege in the United States. 

This is part one of a two-part discussion, and a goal of the show to bring you more information in 2017 about equality, inclusivity, and racial matters. Part two will focus more heavily on the dynamic of privilege, and be released in 1-2 weeks. 

Listen to Allegra & Mariano and their on point cultural commentary on CTA's TV Ate My Brain.

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Non Anxiety

Non rejoins me to discuss Anxiety, something we both deal with, and a key part to mental health. 

A confirmed Joymonger, Non is the cohost of the Joy Sandwich Podcast, and writes does other stuff at subjectplusverb DOT com. You can follow him on twitter @subjectplusverb.

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