The Broken Brain

Nick Hobson is a Psychologist who studies Ritual. This is an often misunderstood and difficult to measure psychological trait in human beings to benefit or suffer according to our day to day repetitive behavior. Do these things comfort us or harm us, and why do we do them? Nick's research indicates a definite trend to ritualize our actions, and tendencies to bond and hate based upon them. 

Check out his YouTube video introducing his research, and follow him on Twitter @nickmhobson

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Karly Beaumont, head of the Core Temp Arts Network of podcasts, podcaster, and pop culture expert, joins me to discuss the dynamics of relationship repair that are presented in the quirky and highly metaphorical movie "The One I Love."  

This film depicts a live action visualization of the different parts of our personalities in the process of repairing damaged relationships, and asking ourselves questions about the survivability of love. 

Follow Karly on Twitter @karlyvision, or check out her podcast work on the shows "Talking Shondaland," "That Pop This Life," and "TV Ate My Brain." 

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Karson is a long time friend and first rate therapist. This recording is him teaching a group of us therapist-types about the importance, complications, ethics, and dynamic of confidentiality between child and their therapist. 
This episode is a CEU training given to the Aspire Network of therapists. 


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Andrew, from AB Film Review and the Last New Wave Podcasts, joins me to talk about the social and psychological implications of the introduction of a new gaming system. This is NOT a review of the Nintendo Switch, it IS Andrew and I talking about the effects that the presence of gaming have had upon us personally and culture in general. 

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