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Steve McDonald Mindful Coloring

Illustrator Steve McDonald is the creator of the coloring books Fantastic Cities and Fantastic Structures. These books are designed particularly for adults, as an exercise in mindfulness and anxiety reduction.

Complex coloring is a therapeutic tool that many therapists and individuals are using to increase relaxation and present focused thinking. They are also a fun way to engage with art, especially for those of us who don't always draw that well on our own. Plus, Steve is a fantastic and interesting person. Enjoy our discussion.  

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Trauma Narratives

My interview from a couple years back with Dr. Ron Llewellyn, psychologist and trauma recovery expert. A good friend, college professor, expert clinician and author. Enjoy Ron's interview and then click over to see him speak on Trauma Recovery on this YOUTUBE VIDEO.

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Walk & Talk Therapy with Clay Cockrell

Clay Cockrell is the founder of, and a psychotherapist in practice in New York City. Clay often takes his clients walking in Central Park during their sessions, combining the relaxing mindful pace of a walk in the park with the healing process of therapy. 

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Trauma & Resilience with Rebecca Dempster

My interview with Dr. Rebecca Dempster, psychologist and trauma expert. Through her services at Resilio (click HERE to view her site) she specializes in working with agencies serving third world and developing nations. 

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Rerun of my interview with Chris about the scandal Luminosity got itself into a couple years back by making outlandish claims about brain health. 

Be sure to tune in for new Broken Brain episodes next month!

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A rerun of my interview with Actress and (credited extra in Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens) Ana Maria Leonte. 

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A rerun of my interview with Buck Black, the therapist who specializes in therapy for Truckers. 

New Episodes of the Broken Brain are coming soon, along with some special projects. Thanks for listening to these classic episode this month. 

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