The Broken Brain

Lisa Frederiksen is an author, speaker, and expert in the area of Secondhand Drinking, a term she coined to describe the effects of alcohol abuse on those within the support system of those caught in addiction. Lisa discusses the complexity of addiction, the sometimes damaging labels of codependent or enabler, and what to do to protect yourself in one of life's most difficult situations. Check out her book, The 10th Anniversary Edition of If You Loved Me You'd Stop.

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This is a Continuing Education Credit (CEU) training for the Aspire Network of Counselors. Feel free to listen in as well. 

Zach Butterfield is a Licensed Counselor and certified in the use of Neurofeedback for psychological therapy. He was kind enough to train the clinicians in our office on the ins and outs of Neurofeedback, and do a live demonstration (which is largely visual, we tried to edit that part down a bit). 
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Ketamine Infusion Treatment is an exciting new therapy for the treatment of mood disorders, anxiety, ADHD, and other psychological conditions. Dr. Stephen Mandel is a pioneer in the use of this treatment, and talked to me about the use and results from ketamine therapy in his practice. You can learn more about ketamine and his ongoing practice/research at

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