The Broken Brain (mental health)
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Physical Restraints in Inpatient & Residential Treatment

Lee Messersmith and I discuss the dynamics of restraint in clinical settings, a weird element of intensive psychiatric care. Rerun from a few years ago. 

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Confident Children & Conflict

Rerun of my episode about the African social service organization "Confident Children Out of Conflict," an important organization helping children. I interview Caitlin Cockroft, their publicity and social media director. Go to their website and make a donation today!


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Self Care by Janet Mitchell

A Rerun of one of our most popular training episodes:

Another wonderful training at Aspire for Continuing Education Units (CEU) to help all of us counselors keep our licenses. This one is by Licensed Clinical Social Worker Janet Mitchell. 

Janet is an expert in the area of Self Care, which is defined as the ability to increase, improve, and maintain mental health through a healthy lifestyle. More than just a reminder to exercise and eat right, Janet has created some tools and techniques to help us to identify which areas of our life will increase our ability to zone into a meditative or mindful place of health. 

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A Broken Brain Classic Rerun! Our Good Buddy Candice Christiansen (owner and Clinical Director of Namaste Center for Healing) joins us to talk trauma, addiction, recovery, and healing. We discuss EDMR, Cognitive Therapy, Exposure, and BOTH of our dogs. 

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Infant Psychology

Psychological studies show that infants have a much deeper and more rich mental life than we have previously believed. As a new father (for the third time) I want to know what my infant daughter is up to, and this interview with Dr. Annette Henderson, a Developmental and Research Psychologist who studies infants at Auckland University, and taught me that she is up to a lot!

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Steve McDonald Mindful Coloring

Illustrator Steve McDonald is the creator of the coloring books Fantastic Cities and Fantastic Structures. These books are designed particularly for adults, as an exercise in mindfulness and anxiety reduction.

Complex coloring is a therapeutic tool that many therapists and individuals are using to increase relaxation and present focused thinking. They are also a fun way to engage with art, especially for those of us who don't always draw that well on our own. Plus, Steve is a fantastic and interesting person. Enjoy our discussion.  

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Walk & Talk Therapy with Clay Cockrell

Clay Cockrell is the founder of, and a psychotherapist in practice in New York City. Clay often takes his clients walking in Central Park during their sessions, combining the relaxing mindful pace of a walk in the park with the healing process of therapy. 

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Trauma & Resilience with Rebecca Dempster

My interview with Dr. Rebecca Dempster, psychologist and trauma expert. Through her services at Resilio (click HERE to view her site) she specializes in working with agencies serving third world and developing nations. 

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