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The Broken Brain

Break your Brain and blow your mind! It's too interesting of a world to be bored. Take a look at culture through a psychological lens. Join a psychotherapist who is trying to discover more about creation, culture, and mental health. 

Sep 14, 2023

Happy Batman Day!

Every September 16th we all (at least those who observe) celebrate the creation of Batman in 1939.

Christian Hurst, widely known as Dwight's brother, joins to talk about the use of psychological disorders in the Batman stories. This leads to chatting about the basis of diagnosis, representation of mental illness in media, bias, and a lot of side stepping into other superhero and cultural topics. 

Stay tuned for PART 2 for more discussion of your favorite members of Batman's Rogues Gallery, AND check out @brainiacsahoy on Instagram to see more specific diagnosing and treating of these characters as part of the series "Arkham Asylum Internship." 

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