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The Broken Brain™

Break your Brain and blow your mind! It's too interesting of a world to be bored. Take a look at culture through a psychological lens. Join a psychotherapist who is trying to discover more about creation, culture, and mental health. 

May 7, 2021

Photographer and author Antonio Johnson is on the podcast today to talk about his book, You Next: Reflections in Black Barber Shops, a beautiful photography book profiling the culture of Black Barber Shops and the role they play in the development and identity of Black men. These shops fill the  community center, a space of belonging, a center of wellness, and more. This is a fascinating look at identity development, bonding, and individual, societal, and generational racial issues. 

Learn more about Antonio's work at

The Broken Brain will be giving out 2 copies of You Next to our next 2 Patreon subscribers. Our new Patreon page at has rewards for supporters of the show, and the next 2 official patrons will receive a copy of Antonio's book.