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The Broken Brain ™

Break your Brain and blow your mind! It's too interesting of a world to be bored. Take a look at culture through a psychological lens. Join a psychotherapist who is trying to discover more about creation, culture, and mental health. 

Jun 2, 2023

Sophie Edwards is a returning guest to The Broken Brain. She is an author, vocal coach, and the creator of "We Have Always Existed," a YouTube series focused on historical accounts of Gender-Fluid and Transgender individuals throughout history. 

Sophie joins me today to share stories from her research Transgendered people through history. Although open dialogue about Gender may feel new for many people, Gender Identity issues have been around since there has been human culture. Important Spoiler Alert: something being new to one does not make it new for all. 

Today's episode is all about the understanding that people are people, no matter where or when they are. 

Follow Sophie's work and learn more about vocal coaching for Trans Women at:, and follow her on IG @queer.trans.writer.sophie