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The Broken Brain™

Break your Brain and blow your mind! It's too interesting of a world to be bored. Take a look at culture through a psychological lens. Join a psychotherapist who is trying to discover more about creation, culture, and mental health. 

Oct 27, 2020

Clare Waismann is the Founder and Director of Waismann Method® Opioid Treatment Specialists. She joins me today with David Livingston, her Clinical Director.

Clare and David also host the Waismann Method® Podcast

Clare & David help people through the process of Opioid withdrawal with the process of Rapid...

Oct 6, 2020

Dr. Stephen Hayes is the creator of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a discipline founded in Cognitive Psychology that includes powerful methods for dealing with depression, anxiety, and trauma.

He's also a fun-spirited guy, and a joy to talk to. His passion for people and his outlook on "why it's so hard to be a...