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It's the Christmas & Holiday Episode! Michael Denniston, host & creator of the War Machine vs War Horse Podcast, joins me to discuss Frank Capra's amazing classic "It's a Wonderful Life." We talk about the psychological and storytelling elements and why this movie continues to touch our hearts all the way from the 1940s, as well as pondering why Nick the Bartender was such a dick without George Bailey. Transitional music for this episode was provided by Brian Steckler, with excerpts from his remix of the song "Auld Lang Syne." Check out his YouTube channel: BrianSteckler.   

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One of our Group Practice CEU (Continuing Education Unit) trainings, this ones by a real life Legal-Slinging Lawyer! Charles Ahlstrom is a Family and Divorce Attorney who taught us a whole bunch about Protective Orders, their pros and cons, ups and downs. 

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Jenna Miller is a Genetic Counselor. "What the hell is that?" you may ask. turns out not only is that a good question, but one that leads to a fascinating conversation! Jenna came to my attention through an article she wrote for the New York Times, and was kind enough to come on the show and talk about this exciting intersection between medical and psychological counseling. 

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Shira Goldberg, host of The Addiction Show, an awesome Youtube sensation, dropped by my Google HangOut line to record a podcast and a YouTube show for The Broken Brain. This one is all about staying sober over the holidays, a time with all the trappings & trimmings of a good relapse. We talk about both celebratory and comfort-based relapse, and ways to avoid the pitfalls of drug or alcohol use. Enjoy this one as audio or video (on our YouTube Channel). 

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