The Broken Brain

Kathleen returns to help me talk about how to support your loved ones with traumatic experiences. We discuss the  are the important Do's and Dont's of working with family and friends with a history of trauma, abuse, or PTSD.

Be sure to listen to Kathleen's wonderful Podcast On The Blue Couch for talk about trauma, psychology, The Walking Dead, and much more!

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Kevin Byrd: DBT Therapist

Kevin Byrd is a specialist in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. He runs a DBT program in Carmel, Indiana. He joined me to talk about his background in therapy, working with symptoms of high emotionality, stigma regarding Personality Disorders, and finding hope in the face of serious mental illness. 

Check out his website at 

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Rams & Family Estrangement

Mike returns to talk more about relationships, particularly those colored by estrangement and difficult problems. To do this, we use the Icelandic film "Rams," from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, available on Netflix. 

As always, our cover art is up for guesses, which one of these gentlemen is Dwight, and which is Mike?

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