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Podcast Mini 2: Music, Man
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Trauma Narratives

My interview from a couple years back with Dr. Ron Llewellyn, psychologist and trauma recovery expert. A good friend, college professor, expert clinician and author. Enjoy Ron's interview and then click over to see him speak on Trauma Recovery on this YOUTUBE VIDEO.

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Rerun of my interview with Chris about the scandal Luminosity got itself into a couple years back by making outlandish claims about brain health. 

Be sure to tune in for new Broken Brain episodes next month!

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Nick Hobson is a Psychologist who studies Ritual. This is an often misunderstood and difficult to measure psychological trait in human beings to benefit or suffer according to our day to day repetitive behavior. Do these things comfort us or harm us, and why do we do them? Nick's research indicates a definite trend to ritualize our actions, and tendencies to bond and hate based upon them. 

Check out his YouTube video introducing his research, and follow him on Twitter @nickmhobson

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Kevin Byrd: DBT Therapist

Kevin Byrd is a specialist in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. He runs a DBT program in Carmel, Indiana. He joined me to talk about his background in therapy, working with symptoms of high emotionality, stigma regarding Personality Disorders, and finding hope in the face of serious mental illness. 

Check out his website at 

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy addresses increasing emotional stability, and the PLEASE skill is a viable part of increasing yours! This podcast mini episode comes from the audio to the YouTube Video on The BrokenBrain Podcast channel on YouTube. 

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Narcissism is a chronic and damaging form of self obsession. Ranked as one of the Personality or Trait Disorders by the DSM 5, NPD or Narcissistic Personality Disorder is an ongoing unhealthy survival strategies for life. Even though it can lead to obnoxious, self destructive, or even dangerous behavior.

Far from the psychological death sentence that many people think it is, PD is subject to treatment and success, especially if the individual has awareness of their condition.

Mike, Lee, and Dwight discuss these things and more on today's episode of The Broken Brain!

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Evaluating Residential Treatment
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